Volunteering | New Acropolis South Korea


The culture of volunteering forms part of the humanistic-philosophical project promoted by New Acropolis and arises from a deep-rooted solidarity with and commitment to the problems and needs of our time.

Volunteering is the natural expression of a spirit of union with life and humanity, which manifests in the practice of values such as unselfishness, commitment and striving for the common good.

New Acropolis fosters the creation of volunteer projects and groups around the world on a local and international basis. It also promotes cooperation with public or private voluntary organizations in different fields, such as GEA, UNICEF, Manos Unidas, Red Cross, etc.
New Acropolis offers society a space where values such as solidarity, tolerance and responsibility are cultivated, resulting in good citizenship and human values. The culture of volunteering forms part of the philosophical education promoted by New Acropolis. Through volunteering, members and sympathizers of NA express their social commitment through humanitarian actions, social and educational projects (for those most in need, the elderly, etc.), ecological and heritage restoration activities, organized by the association itself or in cooperation with other organizations and many international NGOs.

“The IONA reiterates its commitment to the society of our time through its implementation of specific actions of solidarity in different parts of the world where natural catastrophes, poverty, discrimination or injustice fall upon the most disadvantaged sections of society.” (Declaration of the General Assembly. 2006)
The transformative potential of philosophy promoted by New Acropolis finds one of the expressions of its identity in its volunteering programs, which have significantly increased in recent years. We are sometimes supported in these activities by the GEA Active Ecology Groups which, with their flexible organization, were created in many countries to be ready to act swiftly in cases of emergency. In the programs designed by New Acropolis International, the training of volunteers, both ethical technical and specialized, is given special care and attention.

Social actions and solidarity

All over the world, members of New Acropolis carry out actions of altruistic support, whether on a private and personal level or in an organized and public way. Activities range from financial support and human contact to preparing and helping out at mass events, where volunteers help to ensure the health and safety of participants.

In this way, children without families, elders overwhelmed by the pressure of life, or people who find it extremely difficult to obtain the necessities that for others are normal, are supported, helped and given dignity. It is the humble and constant contribution of volunteers whose only reward is the inner satisfaction of having acted when necessity called.