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Our Founder

Jorge Ángel Livraga

Professor Livraga, of the Italian nationality, was born in Buenos Aires in 1930. He studied Medicine, History of Art and Philosophy at the University of that city.

His aim, as he himself defined it in the 1950s, was to create a school of philosophy “in the classical tradition”, which would promote an understanding of the different spiritual and philosophical traditions of humanity. In this way, humanity could recover the classical ideal of philosophy as a means to living a more human and fuller existence.

Throughout his life, he devoted himself to promoting fraternity among individuals and nations, fighting against the material and moral poverty of his contemporaries and defending freedom of conscience and expression wherever they were under threat.

He was the author of a number of publications: studies on ancient cultures and civilizations, novels, philosophical essays and reflections on current affairs, as well as numerous articles. In recognition of his work he was awarded the Cross of Paris in Arts, Sciences and Literature in 1976 and admitted to membership of the Burckhardt Academy, amongst other distinctions. In 1951 he won the First National Poetry Prize in Argentina.

Jorge Ángel Livraga dedicated his life to the service of the humanistic ideal which inspires and animates us, and on his death in 1991, he left all his property to our Institution: the house where he was born and his personal collection of objects of art for the creation of a museum.

His works 

One of the guiding principles of the works of Jorge Ángel Livraga was to make knowledge and philosophy available to the widest possible audience. Consequently, a considerable part of his intellectual output consists of a compilation of his classes and lectures, given on a wide variety of subjects, though always with a unifying thread: the need to awaken the individual consciousness in every human being.