National Director | New Acropolis South Korea

National Director

Ilanit Adar

Ilanit was born in Israel in the year 1976, grew up and educated in Jerusalem.
From a young age, a need arose whithin her to fill her life with values and significant actions.
This need was reflected in her life through education for human values in a youth movement, volunteering in a national rescue organization and volunteering in a Kibbutz (a form of an Israeli settlement movement which promots social values).

In 1998, Ilanit started her academic studies in the faculty of computer science in order to find a good and practical source of living. After graduating, she worked in the IT field in INTEL for a several years.
In the course of 2001, she felt the need to unite her professional life with her inner dreams. This need led her to begin a new chapter of academic studies of education in a Jerusalem college and to a meaningful encounter with the New Acropolis philosophy school.

Using the new Acropolis philosophical studies, Ilanit was first exposed to the glory of human wisdom, the beauty of simple universal values, and nobility of people who love wisdom and live their life in its light.
Ilanit quickly became an active volunteer in the organization and assumed various responsibilities such as teaching philosophy courses on various subjects, organizing seminars, volunteering activities and more. Meanwhile, Ilanit worked for a living as a lecturer of mathematics at various colleges.

For five years, Ilanit studied in New Acropolis with Yaron Barzilay who originally opened the Jerusalem center in 2000. In 2006, with Yaron’s departure to establish the organization in Mumbai, India, Ilanit became the director of the Jerusalem center of New Acropolis.
In 2012, Ilanit decided to open New Acropolis in Seoul, South Korea. The dream soon became a reality, and in July 2013, the first center was born.
By this, Ilanit hopes to share the beauty of universal and eternal ideas that are based upon wisdom of all times, East and West and to promote human values through educational activities in the Korean society.